Frequently Asked Questions

We allow you to book up to 8 months in advance on the portal.  If you are looking to book further out, please contact our property manager so that she can accommodate larger groups that traditionally book the same units and weeks each year. 

Check in is 3pm for all units

Checkout is 11am.

Parking is at a premium and we request that guests park their vehicles in the designated areas in front of each cottage.  In your agreement and on unit listing you will see how many designated spots you are allowed, in general 1 for the 100's and 2 for the 200's.  

Boats and trailers belong in the shell lot.

There are no cars allowed in the shell lot, if available you can park along the east side of Sunset Terrace.

Guests are not permitted to bring their pet anywhere on the property.

Any guest with a pet no matter how small will be asked to leave and NO REFUND will be issued.

Owners are allowed to have their pets per the by-laws. 

Fireworks are strictly prohibited on Lakeshore Resort's property regardless or guest or owner.

Depending on the unit you rent, you may have a laundry facility.  

In addition, we provide coin operated machines located in the shed next to Unit 101.

Grills or fire pits of any kind are prohibited on the beach/sand area, under the chicken huts, or screened porches, even when it rains. 

Two community charcoal grills are provided at the picnic area.

Each unit has a maximum occupancy of 6 guests.  NO ADDITIONAL VISITORS ARE PERMITTED.

Each cottage is individually owned and the contents are private possessions. Please do not remove articles from the cottages including the porch furniture or take items from one cottage to another. Guests will be responsible for any missing or damaged items.

11p.m. UNTIL 7 a.m. Please be considerate of you neighbors.